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  • Name: LZP-B intelligent differential pressure (Equilibrium) flow meter
  • No.: LZP
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LZP intelligent flow pressure temperature controller has greatly improved the traditional standard orifice flowmeter. The standard orifice plate has only one fluid flow aperture, while the LZP intelligent flow pressure temperature controller's flow sensor is designed with multiple flow apertures. Through the flow sensor, the shape of the irregular fluid is changed into an ideal state. At the same time, it has the dual functions of fluid throttling and standard flow field shaping, which is a revolution in traditional fluid measurement technology. Can replace a variety of differential pressure flow meter (such as standard orifice, V cone, venturi, constant velocity tube, wedge tube, elbow), it is suitable for a variety of fluid measurements.
The LZP intelligent flow pressure temperature controller measures 5 to 10 times the precision of the standard orifice plate, the flow noise is 1/15 of the standard orifice plate, the permanent pressure loss is 1/3 of the standard orifice plate, and the pressure recovery is faster than the standard orifice plate. 2 times, due to the pressure of the work environment, the temperature changes from time to time, has a great impact on the flow, leading to inaccurate measurement, the instrument can be used to correct and compensate the parameters through the pressure sensor and temperature sensor, so as to achieve the real flow in the field. The minimum straight pipe section can be less than 0.5D, has no moving parts, and is as simple to install and use as a standard orifice plate, but it can save a lot of straight pipe sections and greatly reduce the energy consumption required for fluid operation. It is a kind of energy-saving with broad application prospects. meter.
For many years, Shenyang Beixing Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has carried out in-depth research and a large amount of testing work on this new type of controller, so that the product design is reasonable and the technology is mature. It can provide high-precision, low-cost, energy-saving for users of all walks of life. 

Measuring theory

LZP intelligent flow pressure temperature controller consists of sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, differential pressure transmitters, pressure regulators and displays. It is an integrated controller integrating flow, pressure, and temperature. The flow sensor is a porous disc mounted on the cross section of the pipeline. Its main feature is that when the fluid passes through the porous of the disc, the fluid will be equilibrated and the eddy currents will be minimized to form an approximately ideal fluid that passes the standard. With the pressure device, a stable differential pressure signal can be obtained, and the volumetric flow rate and mass flow rate can be calculated based on the Bernoulli equation. At the same time, the controller is equipped with a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor, which can easily collect the changes of various parameters at the scene and display the results. At the same time, it can also output 4-20mA standard signals and other devices to achieve automatic control.

Excellent performance

LZP intelligent flow pressure temperature controller has many advantages such as high accuracy, wide range ratio, short straight pipe section, low pressure loss, long-term stability, dirt resistance, wide measuring range, wide applicability, etc. In the ranks of high-end flow meters.


1. LCD screen size: 100×55mm
2. Temperature sensor type: Pt1000, measurement accuracy ±1
3 pressure sensor type: piezoresistive pressure sensor, measuring accuracy 0.5% F.S
4. Overall measurement accuracy: 0.5%F.S; 0.1%F.S; 1.5%F.S
5. Working power supply: The 3.6V lithium battery can work continuously for one year. DC24V can output 4~20mA flow, pressure and temperature signals (selected by the user).
6. Working environment temperature: 0°C~+80°C

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